Having a hard time asking for feedback?

"Worst-case scenario: they don't even reply," my friend (a fellow translator) answered me when I suggested she should ask endorsements from her clients by using LinkedIn tool or a personal message.

"As a freelancer, client feedback is an essential component to your marketing strategy. And let's face it—praise will make you feel good. So leave your qualms behind and go for it!" I tried to convince her. She is a seasoned, extremely capable professional with a little tendency to suffer from imposter syndrome. I'm sure her clients would be willing to vouch for her, but she is too shy to ask.

"People are kinder and more grateful than you think. They might surprise you," I answered. "My clients have always delivered."

As if conjured up by my words, on that same day two clients sent me their feedbacks, to be included among the testimonials in this very website.

Maybe it was their artistic sensitivity (they're both filmmakers) or maybe because they're fellow feminists... I don't know why, but they made me go "awww". Their words were so heartfelt and nice, they made me feel how important our work is.

So, dear reader, do you ask for endorsements and recommendations? And, most importantly, have your clients ever made you go "awww"? ;-)

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